Why do customers choose Linguamatics Health?

Linguamatics Health supports population health and improved clinical care with our sophisticated Natural Language Processing (NLP) platform across a broad range of applications:


Quickly develop new predictive models using unstructured data such as clinical notes

Identify high risk patients based on living conditions or life style choices like alcohol or drug use. Using NLP reduces the manual chart review needed to build data sets for machine learning models.


Rapidly extract information for data lakes and warehouses

Extract and incorporate important concepts from your data warehouse, Hadoop HIVE or EHR to get a full understanding of your patients. These concepts could include social determinants of health and lifestyle factors.


Monitor patient risk in real-time

Linguamatics Health uses RESTful web services to automatically identify high-risk patients. You can monitor and flag early signs of cancer, such as pulmonary nodules in radiology reports.


Reduce manual chart review for quality measures data

Automatically extract quality measures for pioneer ACOs such as ejection fraction and pulmonary function values for CHF and COPD patient populations. Extract HEDIS measures such as BMI and A1C for payers and identify fall risk patients.


Improve clinical patient documentation

Mine information such as cancer staging, ejection fraction and pulmonary function to identify missing diagnoses from the problem list.

Some of our customers: